In addition to FD services, David Verney Associates assists SME’s by providing board level expertise on a non-executive basis, giving that extra professional input to the management of your business. As well as being invaluable, providing you with an experienced and skilled challenge to your business ideas and methods, it can be an important assurance to key stakeholders such as bankers and investors.

David Verney is an experienced Chair, giving stability and keeping Boards focussed on what is important to the business, and will often perform this role as part of the non-executive director role. It may also be combined with the Finance Director role.

Non-executive services include:

  • Providing Board level expertise, including Chairing Boards
  • Often combined with Finance Director role
  • Mentoring and support
    • Providing support to sole directors
    • Mentoring new board members/coaching existing management
  • Business structure review
    • Shareholder agreements
  • Developing a strategic plan/strategy review
    • Review objectives/aspirations/a plan for your future
  • Board disputes/mediation/break-up
  • Staff issues/staff development
  • Ethical issues – advice and support
  • Advice on how to get the best out of your accountants/auditors
  • Helping you choose an accountant auditor
  • Facilitating business development seminars and meetings
    • Board meetings/seminars/away-days
  • Developing and growing a business
    • Growth strategies
    • Merger and acquisitions
  • Planning for succession – review of options
  • How and when do I retire and realise the value of my business?
  • Preparing your business for sale/maximising potential sale proceeds